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Malteurop Peregrine Falcons Are Named!

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Malteurop North America’s 2016-born peregrine falcons, who have made their home on the top of the company’s Milwaukee Malthouse, have been named & banded as of May 18th!

Bird banding is a method of tracking for scientists to study the movement and behavior, and survival of different species. Greg Septon, who has been involved with Peregrine Falcon recovery efforts in Wisconsin since 1987, has banded about 900 falcons in the Midwest.  He braved the climb (and Mama Amylase’s protection) to Elevator 3 nest box to retrieve the four chicks for banding.

Greg Septon - Tom Koenitzer Banding day 5.18.16

2 Females:  JulieRoze & America

2 Males:  Knetz66 & Wort

Amalyse (mom) and JJ(dad)  will begin teaching their fledglings to fly soon, and eventually they will leave the nesting box for the season.

Cheers to the 2016 family!

Banding Day 2 5.18.16


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