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New Peregrine Falcon Brood Set to Hatch at Milwaukee Facilities!

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Malteurop’s Peregrine Falcon family have returned this year to nest at the top of the Milwaukee production facility malt house. The family of Falcons have been nesting at Malteurop since 1995, and the new brood is about to hatch! The babies are expected to be here between May 2nd and May 5th. Below is more information on the family and babies from 2015, as well as a current shot of mom and her eggs from this year!


Malteurop's Peregrine Falcon Family (2015)

Malteurop’s Peregrine Falcon Family (2015)

Peregrine Falcon atop Malteurop's Milwaukee Facilities with new brood

Peregrine Falcon atop Malteurop’s Milwaukee Facilities with new brood (2016)

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