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Our malts are handcrafted from field to flavor beginning in the most fertile growing regions of North America, and ending in our malt house where our world-class maltsters use their expertise to skillfully refine barley to meet the distinctive specifications of craft brewers. The difficulty – but also the fascination – of our maltsters’ craft is their ability to transform living, natural products that are variable by their very nature into a wide variety of standardized products that deliver highly consistent flavors, colors, aromas and performance every time. Discover our complete selection of kiln-dried specialty malts and their distinctive qualities below.


Our entire line of Craft Master Malt products are available to order by bag or in bulk. Place an order or learn more about our premium kiln-dried specialty malts by contacting your region’s Malteurop North America sales representative.

Craft Master Malt - Blend Base Malt

Craft Blend Base

Craft Master Craft Blend is our flagship two-row base malt. It is produced using the finest North American two-row barley varieties, and is a wonderfully balanced base malt in any beer style. This malt provides sweet, malty aromas and very subtle nutty flavors while imparting a light gold hue.

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Craft Master Malt - Pale Ale Malt

Pale Ale

Craft Master Pale Ale Malt is a two-row malt produced using a specialized kilning process in order to create a fully modified malt with a robust enzyme package and high extract potential, appropriate for use as a base malt in any beer style. Our Pale Ale malt imparts subtle nutty and biscuit flavors while contributing a rich golden hue. Use up to 100% in all beer styles.

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Craft Master Malt - Pilsen Malt


The lightest of our two-row base malts, Craft Master Pilsen malt imparts a sweet and subtle malt flavor and a straw yellow to light golden color. It can be used up to 100% in all beer styles and provides a perfect canvas for other specialty malts.

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Craft Master Malt - Munich Malt


Craft Master Munich Malt is a highly kilned malt, produced using the finest North American spring barley. Our specialized kilning process creates a clean but intense malt flavor and aroma, and deep gold to orange hues in the final beer. This malt is best used as 5% - 50% of the grain bill in any beer style to increase malt characteristics.

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Craft Master Malt - Vienna Malt


Vienna Malt is a versatile two-row malt. A specialized kilning process increases the malt sweetness and aroma, and imparts a subtle biscuit flavor. It contributes rich, dark golden hues in the final beer. It has enough diastatic power to be used as a base malt up to 80% in certain beer styles, and it can be used as a specialty malt to intensify malt flavor.

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Craft Master Malt - Wheat Malt


Craft Master Wheat Malt is a versatile base malt made using soft white wheat. It provides a sweet, malty and characteristic bread dough wheat malt flavor and aroma while also improving head retention and mouthfeel. It can be used as a primary base malt in beers such as German Weizen or Belgian Wit beers or as a specialty malt in many other beer styles.

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Gibb Distiller's Malt

Craft Master Distiller’s Malt is high in enzymes and protein, making it the powerhouse of North American whiskey production. Our malt can be used in traditional corn or rye based mash bills with ease.

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