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Supply Chain

Growing Together

Through our years of experience, Malteurop North America has developed a real mastery over the entire malt supply chain—from field to flavor. It begins with our close relationships with growers that foster a collaborative approach in the selection and varietal development of barley and then extends through our world-class malting processes, packaging, storage and logistics. Our access and control to the entire malt supply chain brings brewers unparalleled advantages, allowing them to work directly with our growers and get in the field—becoming part of our process and blending our craft with theirs.


Malteurop North America sources from the most fertile barley growing regions in the U.S. and Canada. We have tailored involvement on both sides of the malt house through our exclusive Grain Origination partnerships that connect us with barley and specialty grain growers in the field. Together, we secure a ready and reliable supply of barley to our malting facilities — and on to you, our craft brewing customer.


Extraordinary malt starts in the field, and extraordinary beer begins with your vision. Through our innovative Breeding Program, we connect you directly with our growers. Working together, we can provide barley and any specialty grains to your specific flavor, color, and aroma specifications – helping you meet your product goals and giving you the power to grow.


Barley Days is a special two- to three-day experience that brings you into our growers’ fields. The experience is a rare opportunity to learn about barley growing and breeding, to share your vision directly with growers, and to discuss how we can work together to breed barley or other specialty grains to make your beer truly one-of-a-kind. Contact us to learn how you can be our guest and experience Barley Days.


Like craft brewing, making superior malt is both a science and an art—and our people are dedicated to it. Our controlled processes are rooted in tradition and balanced with modern innovation to create the finest specialty malt for craft brewers. Through years of experience acquiring rich knowledge of malting, blended with meticulous formulation and testing, we are able to deliver premium malts you can rely on for highly consistent flavor, color, aroma and performance — batch to batch.


We are experienced in logistics, transporting and delivering malt from our four strategically located plants in North America and Canada. Our national network of rail and truck transportation enables us to supply malt to our craft customers coast-to-coast. You can count on us to be reliable and efficient, from order to dock, and to keep you informed along the way.